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Make A Shutterfly Yearbook

Did your child’s preschool post photo’s on their Facebook page?

Did your teacher post classroom pictures on Instagram?

Do you have a bunch of social media school pictures posted that your

child never gets to see?

You may have gotten a yearbook but none of those pictures are in it.

Save those memories and make a Shutterfly book of their school year

so your child can look back on them and remember those moments

and classmates. I don’t know about you, but my biggest memories

of being a child are those that I have photos of.

Here are some pictures of the book I made. I have lots of pictures with

other kids/classmates, but didn't want to include them here without permission.


Here's a picture when

Santa came to the preschool

Below is the last day of school

picture with her teacher

I have a terrible memory so

writing her teachers name here

has helped us not to forget

Below is the last page of the book

I added her first day

and last day photos

I love seeing how the kids have

grown so much in just one year.

These soft cover books are

inexpensive and would make

great coffee table books for when

you have family visiting

If your room parent or teacher

already uploaded class pictures to

Shutterfly it's super easy to turn those

into a book since they are already there.


A lot of these pictures I have in albums on Facebook, but I'm so happy that I put this together so she has a hard copy to look at any time she's interested. We keep this book on a book shelf near all her reading books at eye level so she can grab it at any time. She's now entering 2nd grade and the pictures have helped her remember every child from her 3 year old preschool class.

Check out Shutterfly and make a photo yearbook! They're having a sale today and a soft cover 8X11 standard book with 20 pages is only $12.50. Free shipping over $39 with code: ship39.


About the Author: Cherylyn Pasetto is an education consultant in San Diego County. She currently specializes in north county schools and spreads awareness of school options to parents. She believes in all types of education options and enjoys helping families find the right fit for each of their children.

Disclaimer: San Diego Schools Network is part of an affiliate program. Any purchases through product advertising links on this page may bring in a referral fee, at no cost to you. Cherylyn Pasetto only refers what she believes in. However, please do your research and only buy products that you feel will benefit your child.

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