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The Rhoades School is a private school. Testing is done for enrollment. JCS Mountain Oaks is a charter school open to all. Spots are filled by lottery. Renaissance Village Academy RVA moved to Rancho Penasquitos in 2020 and is out of the director's home currently. RVA includes an interview and application with student essays.


* The 2 middle school academy programs in Poway Unified are not for advanced students only. They are run by lottery and open for all to apply. However, you cannot be in both the Academy program and the GATE program. You must choose.

*The following north county districts do NOT list a GATE program on their website. Please email us if you know that one exists and we will add it to this directory:

  • Bonsall Unified School District

  • Borrego Springs Unified School District

  • Cardiff By The Sea School District

  • Fallbrook Union School District

  • Julian Union School District

  • Ramona Unified School District

  • Rancho Santa Fe School District

  • San Pasqual Union School District

  • Solana Beach School District

  • Spencer Valley School District

  • Vallecitos School District

  • Valley Center-Pauma Unified School District

  • Warner Springs School District

*Toggle to the San Diego Central gifted school section if you prefer a homogenous program as San Diego Unified offers a SEMINAR program. None of the north county schools offer GATE only classrooms.


The California Dept. of Education does not allocate funds to public schools specifically for gifted and talented programs. Any GATE programs are decided upon at the local district level. Many schools in North County do not have a homogenous GATE program any longer. Most are cluster programs within a classroom of all academic levels. Contact each district/school to find out what they offer. It will vary.


What if I can not afford the gifted private school and the charter school has no space or doesn't work for us and my zoned district either doesn't offer a program or the program isn't enough for my child?


Many families find other charter schools that work for their needs, some select a dual language school, some an International Baccalaureate school, some attend magnet schools(focused theme), and some homeschool. Palomar College accepts K-12 students(no age/grade minimum). There have been students as young as 9/10 years old there so it's a great choice for the profoundly gifted. A 13 year old graduated there with an AA degree and algo graduated high school from a homeschool charter in the same year. Mira Costa College accepts students 9th grade and above. 

Is there a support group for resources in North County?

Join the Facebook group called,

"Bright & Gifted Kids - San Diego North County"

IQ Testing

Dr Katz is a developmental psychologist with a focus on Autism. She started her college studies in giftedness and switched to autism so she's a good one to figure out if your child is on the spectrum or is gifted or 2e. She only does IQ testing through age 6.

David Palmer is in Orange County and highly recommended by many. His focus is on giftedness/IQ testing and is known as being affordable and very knowledgeable.


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