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San Diego Central County Schools Network

San Diego Unified

Dual Language Immersion Schools

Two Way Immersion

An immersion program for English only speakers and a bilingual maintenance model for English Learners. 90/10 immersion programs teach Spanish 90% of the day and English 10% in the first couple years and gradually go toward 50/50 in future grades. A 50/50 model teaches half the day in each language for all grades.

One Way Immersion

Foreign language immersion schools designed for English speaking students to acquire a 2nd language

One Way Developmental Bilingual

This program is for Spanish speakers to learn primarily in Spanish with daily instruction in English increasing over time.English learners are sometimes grouped in full, grade-level Biliteracy classrooms 

Middle School and High School Programs Coming Soon

* The Language Academy offers Spanish and French

* Barnard Elementary offers Mandarin

* All other schools are Spanish


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