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The state of California allows homeschooling. You may homeschool a variety of ways:


1. Through a district school that offers it as an option (least flexible)

2. Through an independent study charter school (some are flexible)

3. Through a Private School Satellite Program PSP (flexible)

4. Filing your home as a private school (most flexible)

Flexibility meaning being able to use whatever curriculum you want and planning your own lesson plans each day and making your own schedule. District homeschool typically follows the district curriculum and many align with what the kids are doing in school. There isn't much flexibility in that. Plus, some districts have on-site days where you would be required to attend for workshops. Independent Study/Homeschool Charters vary. Some give you curriculum and lesson plans, some require a certain amount of work each day(tracked by some online charter schools), while others are totally flexible on what curriculum you use and how you spend each day. 

Click more info below to learn about homeschooling. If you plan on filing your own private school to homeschool, you will need to file a private school affidavit between Oct 1 - Oct 15 of the school year you are homeschooling. If switching to homeschool after Oct 15th, you can still file at any time during the school year. The October filing dates are for those that started homeschooling in August, September, and October. School is required in California once your child turns 6, so no need to file anything before then, although you can starting at 4 years 9 months. Click the CDE link below to file the affidavit and see instructions.


Want to homeschool, but nervous about it? You can start off with option 1 or 2 above where there is lots of hand holding and curriculum given to you. You'll learn along the way and may feel confident to switch to the more flexible options and do it all yourself in future years. Some independent study charter schools offer onsite classrooms as well as homeschool options so another idea is to start their 1 - 4 day a week onsite program with the ability to switch to all homeschooling through them at a later date.

San Diego

North County 

Independent Study

Charter Schools

4 Days in School

(Independent Study Charters)

*Classical Academy HS Escondido is onsite Tues Wed Thurs Fri

*Coastal Academy HS Oceanside is onsite Tues Wed Thurs Fri

*Community Montessori schools are Mon Tues Wed Thurs

*Dimensions Collaborative is flexible up to 4 days onsite. No days are required. TK-5 is located at First Congregational Church. 6-12 is at North Coast Church on the San Marcos border. One day a week grades 10+ has an option for HS classes on the Palomar College campus.

JCS Cedar Cove attend Mon-Thurs

*JCS Mountain Oaks follows a gifted & talented standards curriculum. See gifted schools page. They attend Mon-Thurs

*Pacific View Charter attend Mon Tues Thurs Fri 8:15-2:45

*Pivot Charter School offers half days 0-5 days a week. Curriculum is online

3 Days in School

(Independent Study Charters)

*Classical Academy PLC is Tues, Wed, Thurs. Flexible with less days and mixing with online, independent study, and some on campus classes.

*Classical Academy MS M Track Escondido is Tues, Wed, Thurs

*Classical Academy MS Summit Learning is Tues, Wed, Thurs

*Classical Academy Vista M Track Vista is Tues, Wed, Thurs

*Coastal Academy M track is Tues, Wed, Thurs

*Dimensions Collaborative is up to 4 days Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs. No days are required. TK-5 is at First Congregational Church. 6-12 is North Coast Church at San Marcos border. Dimensions has one day grade 10+ can take their HS classes on the Palomar campus.

*Mosaic is Tues, Wed, Thurs  at Faith Lutheran Church

*Pivot Charter School is half days 0-5 days a week for TK-5. Curriculum is online

2 Days in School

(Independent Study Charters):

*Classical Academy Escondido A Track is Tues Thurs 8:00-2:30

*Classical Academy Escondido B Track is Wed Fri 8:00-2:30

*Classical Academy Vista A Track is Tues Wed 8:45-3:00(K-2) or 3:30(3-8)

*Classical Academy Vista B Track is Thurs Fri 8:45-3:00(K-2) or 3:30(3-8)

*Classical Academy O Track is online curriculum with the option to come onsite 0-2 days Tues Wed. Students can take electives, PE, and lunch with peers.

*Classical Academy Vista Multi-Grade Flex Track comes on one of the A/B track days above. They are grouped grades 3-5 and 6-8 and a chronological study of history is their backbone of learning.

*Coastal Academy Oceanside A Track is Tues Thurs 8:00-2:30

*Coastal Academy Oceanside B Track is Wed Fri 8:00-2:30

*The Vista location of Classical Academy does not have a 3 day M Track for middle school so those grades get an option to come on Mondays. It's more like a study hall than classes on that day.

*The Vista location of Classical Academies offers a Monday option for parents to drop their kids off to do their work. It is headed up by parents and is fee based. Other locations do not offer this.

*Dimensions Collaborative allows 0-4 days on campus. TK-5 is at Faith Congregational Church. 6-12 is at North Coast Church near the San Marcos border. Grade 10+ is allowed one day for high school classes held on Palomar College campus.

*Heritage Flex Academy gives priority to those living within Escondido Union Boundaries

*Pivot Charter School is half days and they allow you to choose 0-5 days on campus.

*Vista Springs Learning Center is Mon Fri. It's located at Faith Lutheran Church. It is on the same campus as La Fuente Dual Language Institute 5 day program and the Mosaic 3 day program.

1 Day in School

(Independent Study Charters):

*Classical Academy Escondido offers TK one day from 8:30-11:30 on Tuesdays or Fridays

*Coastal Academy Oceanside offers TK onsite option Mondays 8:15-11:15

*Classical Academy Vista does not offer a TK on campus day yet in 2022-2023

*Dimensions Collaborative allows 0-4 days onsite. TK-5 is at Faith Congregational Church. 6-12 is at North Coast Church near the San Marcos border. Grade 10+ has an option to do one school day on the Palomar College campus.

*Escondido Charter High School Flex is part of the Heritage Schools. Those in the Heritage Flex K-8 programs get priority to the High School Flex Programs.

*Springs Charter School Vista Learning Center is at Faith Lutheran Church. They offer Mondays and Fridays onsite and you can choose just one of those days.

100% Homeschool

Independent Study Charters

(weekly or monthly progress meetings)

*Audeo Charter Schools do have resource centers in Carlsbad and Escondido. Students come in for one on one tutoring and teacher meetings. Audeo has year round school and summer only options.

*Classical Academy Escondido, Vista, and Coastal Academy Oceanside C tracks K-8 do offer c'lectives for your child to come onsite 1-3 days. Each site location has different offerings and limits and are subject to availability. Current students at year end get priority in selecting electives for the next year before new students that are enrolling for the next year. C track students are on the priority waitlist for other onsite tracks. C track students in grades 1-8 also have an option for virtual live classes with a teacher. This is new 2022-2023 school year.

Guajome Learning Centers get priority on the waitlist to the campus school. There is also an option to take some classes on campus, if space is available.

*Pivot Charter School has onsite options for TK-5 for workshops with a teacher. Grades 6-12 can also come onsite to work if they don't want to work at home.

100% Homeschool Charters

NOT based in North County

Open to all San Diego Residents

This section only includes charters that north county residents can enroll in that does not require you to go to their onsite location for learning period meetings, assessments, etc... Toggle to central , east, or south bay charters if you are open to seeing those charters. Those who live around the 56 area of north county or who work outside of north county may be interested in the schools in other areas.

San Diego

North County School District

Independent Study/Homeschool


Carlsbad Unified School District

Escondido Union School District

Escondido Union High School District

Fallbrook Union Elementary School District

Fallbrook Union High School District

Julian Union High School District

Oceanside Unified School District

Poway Unified School District

Ramona Unified School District

San Marcos Unified School District

Valley Center - Pauma Valley School District

Vista Unified School District

* There are no Independent Study/Homeschool Programs in the following North County districts:

Cardiff-by-the-Sea, Del Mar Union, Encinitas Union, Julian Union Elementary, Rancho Santa Fe, San Dieguito Union High School(only offers P.E.), San Pasqual Union, Solana Beach, Vallecitos

* The districts that offer Homeschool for K-5 are: Escondido Union, Fallbrook Union, Oceanside Unified, Poway Unified, Ramona Unified, Valley Center - Pauma Valley

* Oceanside and Ramona Districts offer TK Homeschool

Independent Study

Private Schools

San Diego North County based

San Diego based but outside North County

Not San Diego County, but CA based

Based outside of California

*Lindamood-Bell typically works with students with learning challenges who need help with reading, comprehension, and math. Some have a diagnosis of dyslexia and autism.

San Diego

North County PSP's

Private School Satellite Programs

What is a Private School Satellite Program?

When you attend a traditional private school in CA, the school files a private school affidavit with the California Dept. of Education. When you privately homeschool, you also file a private school affidavit with the CDE and make your home address a private school. It's the same form. Well, some families don't want to file their address as a private school, and some may want additional support with documentation and recordkeeping. They might not need all the support of a homeschool charter school or district homeschool program but want a little something. That's where a PSP comes in. A PSP is where someone else files a private school affidavit. Usually a homeschooler or a previous homeschooler. The PSP is an "umbrella" for other families to join their private school as a homeschooler. This PSP will handle things like requesting files from your previous school, creating transcripts, diplomas, and any other recordkeeping. You can find a PSP that offers the basics like this or you can find PSP's that also offer classes, clubs, co-ops, sports, park days, field trips, community support, curriculum counseling, etc... But, many choose it for the freedom to homeschool however they want while someone else handles all the recordkeeping and documentation. What you want out of a PSA will determine whether you want one that's local or if you'd be open to one that's anywhere in CA.

Do not confuse a private school satellite program that offers classes as the same thing as a homeschool enrichment center. There can be homeschool enrichment centers that offer classes but don't offer a PSA. They did not file as a private school. They are a business with a business license so you can't enroll with and have them be your school. However, you can have a PSA that offers homeschool enrichment.

California PSP's

Private School Satellite Programs

Not Based in San Diego County* 

Secular/Non-Religous PSP's

Faith Based PSP's

In parentheses: The county where the PSP is based. 

*When enrolling with a PSP, it does not have to be based near where you live. You can enroll in any PSP that is in the State of California. That said, there are some PSP's that offer on-site clubs, sports, classes, and co-ops. If this interests you then you will want to look at the local PSP's above. Otherwise, you can use any PSP in the state for your record keeping, transcripts, diploma, etc... This list is of PSP's not in San Diego County. If you want to see the PSP's in central, east, or south bay San Diego, then please toggle to their pages in this website directory.

**Cannot find this PSP listed on the CDE website as a filed private school

Single Courses

UC a-g Approved*

*PLEASE NOTE: The University of California Office of the President (UCOP) updates the UC a-g approved course list annually. Some new ones are added while others are removed. Please confirm that the one you choose is listed on the UCOP website. The ones on this list may not always be the most up to date nor be the most comprehensive list. 

If with a charter school, search your school course list here. Your school selects which UC a-g approved courses they will accept, based on the publisher list. They don't accept all of the ones on the publisher list. If any of the courses above are not on your schools approved list, you may not be able to use them as a UC a-g approved course, even though they are listed. In other words, you need to select off the charter list, not the publisher list. The publisher list is for charters to select from. Contact your charter school for more info. Every year, your school submits the list of courses they want to include as UC a-g. 

Private homeschoolers PSA in high school are exempt from the required UC a-g approved courses. You do not need these courses. You can take what you want and still be considered for enrollment at a UC school. If you are with a public charter homeschool program, however, you will need to take UC a-g approved courses during your high school years, if wanting to apply to a state university. A couple ways to avoid UC a-g approved courses are to take community college courses or take an AP exam.

Additional High School info: If you are a temporary high school homeschooler and plan on returning to a traditional public school in the future, you will want to homeschool through a public charter school/accredited program. Otherwise, the brick and mortar school most likely will not put your private PSA homeschool classes on your transcript and you will have to take them again. Some students have mentioned having to repeat an entire school year or more. It's recommended to only privately homeschool PSA for high school if you plan on doing it all four years or at the end through graduation.





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