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The state of California allows homeschooling. You can homeschool a variety of ways:


1. Through a district school that offers it as an option (least flexible)

2. Through an independent study charter school (some are flexible)

3. Through a Private School Satellite Program PSP (flexible)

4. Filing your home as a private school (most flexible)

Click more info to learn about homeschooling. If you plan on filing your own private school to homeschool, you will need to file a private school affidavit between Oct 1 - Oct 15 of the school year you are homeschooling. School is required in California once your child turns 6, so no need to file before then. Click the CDE link to file the affidavit. Want to homeschool, but nervous about it? You can start off with option 1 or 2 above where there's lots of hand holding and curriculum given to you. You'll learn along the way and may feel confident to switch to the more flexible options and do it all yourself in future years. Some independent study charter schools offer onsite classrooms as well as homeschool options so another idea is to start their 1 - 4 day a week onsite program with the ability to switch to all homeschooling through them at a later date.

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100% Homeschool Charters

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Open to all San Diego Residents

This section only includes charters that central San Diego residents can enroll in that does not require you to go to their onsite location for any meetings. Go to the north , east, or south bay charter or homeschool pages if you are open to seeing additional charter options. Before enrolling, ask the charter about the requirement of any onsite visits for learning period meetings and assessments and where annual state testing is taken.

If you're curious about 5 day a week charter schools please click the following link:

*Anything less than 5 full days onsite a week is considered an independent study charter school. It can have a traditional school campus, but in most cases does not. Many times, the school is based out of another area, and it opens resource centers in various cities/counties to bring teachers and some onsite classes nearby. These charters typically rent out space from a shopping center, office complex, or church for their resource centers. One question to always ask is if there is outdoor space, recess, and a playground(if this is important to you) because many of the locations do not have outdoor space.

*While you may see a charter with onsite classes 1,2,3+ days a week - it does not necessarily mean the classes are core subject classes. Many times they are enrichment classes. These are independent study/homeschool charters so you'll need to ask if the onsite classes are core classes or if you as parent need to teach all core classes.

* Charters with a dollar sign ($) listed mean that the charter gives funds per child to order curriculum, take classes, use vendors. Range of funds is about $900 - $3,200 per year per child. More funds = more flexibility. Those without funds are charters that have a set curriculum for it's students.

*Charter school programs and options tend to change periodically. Please contact the  charter school directly to confirm that the programs listed above are accurate.





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