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Kids in Technology Class

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Gifted Schools

The California Dept. of Education does not allocate funds specifically for gifted and talented programs. Any GATE programs are decided upon at the local district level. 

San Diego Unified School District does offer the typical GATE program and also offers a SEMINAR program for "highly" gifted students. SEMINAR is a special program ONLY offered in this one district and nowhere else in the county. Click on the district button above to see the list of schools within the district that offer each of these programs.

Mt. Everest Academy is a homeschool/Independent Study school that is part of the school district. It is not a gifted only school, but many gifted students attend and teachers are gifted certified. It is located in the Clairemont Mesa area.

What other options are there? 

Many families find charter schools that work for their needs, some attend magnet schools(focused theme), and some homeschool privately or through a homeschool charter and find educational centers to attend classes. 

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