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I Want To Stay Local But Palomar and Mira Costa Aren't For Me

Did you know that north county San Diego is home to many post secondary schooling options? Most of us just think of Cal State, Palomar, and Mira Costa. But…they’re not for everyone. Make yourself familiar with all the options and share them with your child. There might just be something nearby that would be perfect for them.

Here are 15 North County options to keep in mind:

Carlsbad, Rancho Bernardo, and online

Associate, Bachelors, and Masters

RB is known for their nursing program

San Marcos Learning Center

Associates, Bachelors, Masters, Doctoral, Online


Certificates, Associates, Bachelors, Masters, PhD’s


Degree programs in creative arts, gaming, business, theology


I.T./Systems Certifications


Certificates and Associates

Telecommunications, Electrical Power, Renewable Energy

San Marcos

Certifications and degrees

I.T., Business, Healthcare

San Marcos

Cosmetology, Esthetics, Manicuring

San Marcos

Vocational and Trade School

HVAC, Pharmacy, Medical, Dental, Business

San Marcos

SMOG test training

San Marcos

Certificates and Associates

San Marcos

BA/BS Programs

San Marcos


San Marcos


Holistic Health College of Naturopathy

Want to see even more options? Check out the north county colleges page on the San Diego Schools Network website. Viewing this page on a PC/Laptop rather than mobile will show much more information. Feel free to email us if you know of anything missing from the page.


About the Author: Cherylyn Pasetto is an education consultant in San Diego County. She currently specializes in north county schools and spreads awareness of school options to parents. She believes in all types of education options and enjoys helping families find the right fit for each of their children.

Disclaimer: San Diego Schools Network is part of an affiliate program. Any purchases through product advertising links on this page may bring in a referral fee, at no cost to you. Cherylyn Pasetto only refers what she believes in. However, please do your research and only buy products that you feel will benefit your child.

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