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Flexible Seating in the Classroom

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Children today are required at a very young age to sit still, focus, and learn for five to six hours a day 5 days a week. Besides P.E. one to two times a week and daily recess for about 20 minutes for most schools, most of the day is sitting. If you’re at a charter school in an office complex, like many in California, you might not have outdoor space for P.E. or recess. California also has Transitional Kindergarten so we have kids starting school at 4, and if AB197 passes, California would require all kindergartens to be full day by 2021. Kids need to move, and if they don't have an outlet like a big grassy field to run on or a jungle gym to play on, they're going to fidget in the classroom and have trouble focusing. If there is a playground, is a 20 minute recess enough out of 5 hours to get their wiggles out?

Additionally, more and more kids are being diagnosed with ADHD. Do they ALL really have ADHD or are they just kids that need to MOVE? Some of it is definitely real, and with ADHD(1 in 10), the increasing prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorder (1 in 59 children and 1 in 37 boys), and Sensory Processing Disorder, we need to figure out how to help these kids in the classroom. Some of these children need to keep moving in order to calm down and focus. What do we do?

Part of the answer is FLEXIBLE SEATING. Flexible seating can stimulate senses and help children focus and process information better. Check out 6 benefits of flexible seating here.

Below are 15 Flexible Seating options worth looking into for your classroom. Click on images for more info.

1. Inflatable Wobble Cushion

For the kids who fidget in their seats

2. Scoop Rocker

For the kids who need to rock

3. Chair Bands

For the kids who move their feet

4. Wobble Stool

For the kids who need to sway

5. Balance Ball Chair

For the kids who need to bounce

6. Vidget 3-in-1

For the kids who like choice

7. Bean Bag Chair

For the kids who like the feel of beads

8. Portable Lap Desk

For the kids who need the floor

9. Foot Rocker

For the kids who need to rock

10. Floor Discs

For the kids who need a soft bottom

11. Swivel Ball Chair

For the kids who need to spin

12. Standing Desk

For the kids who need to stand

13. Bicycle Desk

For the kids who need to move

14. Floor Chair

For the kids who want the floor

15. Floor Table

at Lakeshore Learning

Can't picture what a flexible seating classroom looks like? Here are some fun images for inspiration. Don't have enough funds to purchase flexible seating? Go to Donors Choose and create a project. Ask your school community to help with donations.

Besides adding flexible seating, some other things to incorporate are:

*Outdoor classroom time

*Go Noodle Indoor