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Dual Language Schools San Diego North County

Did you know that speaking another language can give you an edge in interviewing for a job? Being bilingual, depending on the position, might just make one person get the offer over another. This could be speaking Spanish locally in a variety of industries but could also be one of many other languages for jobs with international corporations.

Many north county schools offer dual language immersion so it might be something you want to expose your child to. The earlier they learn, the easier it will be. In fact, many schools require the child to start during kindergarten year and cannot enroll later. Let's look at what north county schools offer dual language in each city, including district schools, charter schools, and private schools:


The Carlsbad school district does not have a dual language program, but they do have an International Baccalaureate program for the primary years. IB schools incorporate learning a foreign language starting in Kindergarten. The Carlsbad district IB school is Jefferson Elementary. Please contact them for more information.


The Encinitas school district has 2 elementary schools that offer dual language immersion in Spanish. These are Capri Elementary and Paul Ecke Central Elementary. These schools are K-6 and the children must enroll during Kindergarten year. A mandatory meeting before applying is also required. The Encinitas district also has an elementary International Baccalaureate program for the primary years. It's at Ocean Knolls Elementary School. All IB schools should incorporate a language for each grade starting in Kindergarten. Contact the district for more info.


The Escondido school district has 4 elementary schools that offer dual language immersion in Spanish. They are Glen View Elementary, Farr Avenue Elementary, Lincoln Elementary, and Pioneer Elementary. All are K-5. Contact the district office about an inter- or intra- district transfer. More info on their dual language program can be found here.

Epiphany Prep in Escondido is a TK-8 free public charter school that offers dual language immersion. Your child does not need to start the program as a TK/Kinder like most dual language schools require. You can enroll for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd next year and be included in the program. This charter does periodic visits to the home as it's main purpose is to serve students educationally restricted by various behavioral and emotional at-risk factors. However, they cannot restrict who enrolls. Anyone in any city may apply to enroll in this charter school. They go to a lottery system if more people apply than seats available. Give them a call. They might have a spot for the start of the school year.

Open to private school? Then check out Balboa School in Escondido. They are offering Mandarin Chinese immersion for K-2. They are an affordable option when it comes to private schools in the area.


Fallbrook school district has 1 school that offers dual language immersion in Spanish. It’s Maie Ellis Elementary School TK-6


Oceanside school district has 2 schools that offer dual language immersion in Spanish. Reynold’s Elementary School TK-5, and new for the 2019-2020 school year for Kindergartners will be Garrison Elementary. Spanish is spoken 90% and English 10% in Kinder and gradually shifts toward 50/50 by 5th.


Poway school district has 2 schools that offer dual language immersion. Valley Elementary School offers Spanish and Adobe Bluffs Elementary School offers Mandarin Chinese. Both are TK-5

San Marcos

San Marcos school district has 1 school that offers dual language immersion Spanish. It is Twin Oaks Valley Elementary School TK-5. This school will be offering the program for the first time to TK and Kindergartners in the 2019-2020 school year.

San Marcos also offers an International Baccalaureate school. IB schools, while not full immersion, do offer weekly foreign language starting in Kindergarten. The San Marcos IB school is La Mirada Academy. It's a K-8 school. Please contact the school or district office about a transfer.

Solana Beach

The Solana Beach school district offers a Global Education Program. It’s at Skyline School K-6. All those in Kindergarten learn Spanish and for 1st-6th grade parents can choose a Spanish path.

Valley Center

Valley Center Pauma Unified school district offers 4 dual language immersion schools. All Spanish. They are Lilac School TK-5, Valley Center Primary School TK-2, Valley Center Elementary School 3-5, and Valley Center Middle School 6-8


Vista school district offers 1 dual language immersion Spanish program. It’s at Grapevine Elementary K-5. Here's an article on the program.

Not wanting full immersion but still want your elementary child to learn Spanish? Then check out the Vista district Magnet programs. Being International Baccalaureate schools, Casita Center for Science, Math,& Technology and also Vista Academy of Performing Arts, both schools will give offer your child Spanish starting in Kindergarten through weekly rotations.

If you’re interested in a free public charter school program that offers dual language immersion you can look into NUA Dual Language Academy and Vista Springs Charter School’s La Fuente Academy. Both are Spanish and both are located in Vista and 5 days a week.

Guajome Park Primary Academy is another free public charter school in Vista. The upper school is an IB school so the elementary school K-5 currently embraces the philosophy of IB and offers language learning in the elementary grades. However, it is not full immersion. Please contact the school for more details.

The school districts that DO NOT offer a dual language immersion program are Bonsall, Del Mar, Carlsbad, San Pasqual, Vallecitos, Julian, Ramona, Warner Springs, Rancho Santa Fe. Hopefully, one day this will change and all districts will offer it. Since the passing on Prop 58 a couple years ago, we've seen a lot more popping up.


Wanting dual language for preschool?

Check out the north county dual language page of the San Diego Schools Network website. If you're looking for South Bay, Central San Diego, or East County instead...there's a page dedicated to each location. Some are still under construction so keep coming back to check. Hope this list gives you a good starting point to look into exposing your child to a second language. If you know of a dual language school missing from these lists please message us and let us know.

As you can see, there are many opportunities for dual language immersion in San Diego. Take the time to research, call, and personally tour all schools that seem like a fit for your child. No two schools are alike so find the one that's best for you.

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About the Author: Cherylyn Pasetto is an education consultant in San Diego County. She currently specializes in north county schools and spreads awareness of school options to parents. She believes in all types of education options and enjoys helping families find the right fit for each of their children. Please contact her if you'd like assistance with finding the right school for your child.

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