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North County School News

Creating Awareness of School Options

San Diego Schools Network was started in 2018 to spread an awareness of all school options to San Diego County parents! An easy to follow directory of schools split up between North County, Central County, East County, and South Bay, parents can easily find lists of schools broken down by type of school: preschools, district schools, magnet schools, charter schools, private schools, special education schools, gifted schools, colleges, vocational schools, and homeschool resources.

In addition to a directory listing, each area of the county will have an Education Programs/Services page with links to after school programs, tutors, special ed services, sports, and much more. We have new companies advertising their services each week so keep coming back. Each area of the county will also contain a news sections and an area for upcoming school info sessions.

Currently, North County is getting complete. We have the final preschools section to finalize and then we'll move onto another area of the county. Thanks for using our directory! Please share this new resource with your friends. If what you're looking for isn't here yet, keep coming back to check...or email us to let us know what your hoping to see next!

Don't forget to check out our 4 Facebook Discussion Groups:

San Diego North County Schools Network

San Diego Central County Schools Network

San Diego East County Schools Network

San Diego South Bay Schools Network

The goal of the website and discussion groups is to provide full awareness of school options, allowing parents to find the best educational fit for each of their children. There are so many choices.

Feel free to message San Diego Schools Network with any questions! We love hearing from the community!

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